GÜDFÜD is a global brand made up of fun stuff that brightens up our everyday lives. The collection of products include snacks,  apparel and accessories. We are completely committed to serving up a smile and manufacturing the best quality possible.

The world is our inspiration in creating our brand GÜDFÜD.  Our mission is to bring to the market the most yummy products from all over our happy planet.  Our product name uses the Germanic umlauts, but in an English context.  The umlauts above each letter "U" in our name creates a smiley face that everyone loves.  The correct pronunciation of our name is "goood foood, which describes our products perfectly."   We are proud to be an American company.

Our first product launch introduced two types of "Stuffed Marshmallows," filled with chocolate or fruit jelly.  We are busily working on our new line of innovative Trail Mixes and microwave popcorn.  We hope to have these products available for our fans as soon as possible.

The initial response for GÜDFÜD has been very enthusiastic and positive.  We really appreciate the support from all the distributors, retailers, press, and the creative community that help us develop our products.

Thanks you for your time and your interest.

Have a GÜD day!